About Us

Gaming Silk is a website that aims to introduce the best PC equipment to gamers and professionals alike. It helps people in spending their money on a product that is worth it. Aleem Iqbal created this site because he realized that most of the online reviews are paid as well as not genuine, and that is why the PC components he bought after reading online reviews never live up to them. 

This is how he came up with the idea of this website because Aleem realized that many people, like him, must be misled by those paid reviews. So he created this website to provide genuine and real reviews to people. Here we’ll provide you reliable and real reviews, so you can go and buy the best motherboard or keyboard for your need.

At Gaming Silk, we do the benchmarking tests and experiment with PC components under different conditions to provide honest and practical reviews. So you know where you need to come next time you are buying a processor or mice.

About Aleem Iqbal:

Aleem Iqbal is an entrepreneur, PC-enthusiast, gamer, and the visionary behind Gaming Silk. He is passionate about PC and its components and is always striving to learn more. With Gaming Silk, he hopes to revolutionize and change the game of online reviews.

He also leads a team of professionals who are working day and night to improve the quality of reviews and only provide genuine information to people who come to Gaming Silk.